Geocaching ….

I’ve recently tried out a not so virtual “game” I’d heard of years ago called Geocaching and have to say, I’ve quickly become hooked!

Set in the 3 dimentional realm of reality, there lies an alternate universe that few mortals know about, yet anyone can discover.
After downloading the Android ap “c:geo” one night, I discovered a “cache” had been hidden less than 500m from my home, so being curious, I set out the next day with the dog , and my GPS enabled phone to find it.
It turned out to be quite an adventure, taking some photos along the way in a fern laden gully, a creek crossing, a steep uphill scramble thru some thick scrub as we zero’d in on the prize.
It wasn’t long before we’d found the hidden cache consisting of a container with a log book and some trinkets. We signed the log and souveniered a ball for Storm in exchange for some small items I had.
I then logged the cache find online  via the ap – and so it began.

That afternoon after picking my kids up, we set off together to find another! I’ve now found 11 caches in some great locations. Interesting places I would not have normally visited and learnt some history along the way too!

Check out for more information.
You can create a free account 🙂



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