111028 Rundown .. upcoming .. & stuff.

Last week Raw, Woodie & Evman joined Tone for a short preview of Battlefield 3.

Before it began, Tone uploaded the latest Nvidia driver from the Asus site for his G73SW lappy, but that was a bad decision, resulting in choppy framerates for the quick demo.
The following night, he uploaded the much newer latest driver from the Nvidia site, and things improved markedly – sweeeet!
It should be noted that Parts has purchased BF3 and discovered it won’t run on Windows XP!
For those of you who are after a JOYSTICK, seen in OfficeWorks today, the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for just under $40. May be cheaper elsewhere, just sayin’ is all, you’ll need one for BF3.

I digress, back to the night .. We had a play around in GRID, a few demolition derby’s, some fast laps around the dockyards, and some really quick prototypes around Spa were memorable.
We then fired up COD2 and shot the shyte out of Ev cause he was annoying us. No, I joke, he actually behaved himself pretty well and played very well … as a target … so we shot the shyte out of him 🙂

NEXT WEEK: 111111 – I kid you not, all the one’s – that’s gotta mean something in binary code – like – gaming’s one – or on!


12 responses to “111028 Rundown .. upcoming .. & stuff.

  1. Only thing I don’t like about Win7 is V8SC3 (Starforce CD protection) won’t work, other than that, love it. Faster than XP & very stable. Just been playing Battlefield3. one word, brilliant. Be interesting to see if the new COD MW3 will run on XP. So why did you upgrade from Win 98 Raw? SOFII works all right on that 😉


    • xp is the most stable and easy to use os I have ever used,and those include 95,98,98se,me,2000. I am yet to be convinced that win7 offers better.Until my next upgrade I am sticking to xp.I know microsoft is phasing out xp so it will be a step I will have to take,but not now.


      • You’re in luck Raw, COD MW3 – released TODAY, will play on the aging OS that is XP. Agree, XP was the best os I’ve used … until I used windows 7. BUT, aside from faster booting, prettyness, a few built-in utilities and some handy UI upgrades , there’s no real advantage of 7 over xp – unless your using 64 bit which gives you access to more than 4gb RAM. Oh, and you can play BF3 on it 😉


      • yes but can u upgrade over winxp and not lose everything u have spent literally years collecting and sorting and generally just that feeling of ahhh home?.
        I hate starting from scratch,thats why I dont upgrade that often.Well Im an oldschool kinda person. I have winxp set to classic mode, I dont like all the fancy smancy.


      • Not certain if you can upgrade from XP, I’m pretty sure you can – though probably not if going from 32 bit to 64. I always prefer to backup and perform a clean install for a new OS. I feel it improves long term stability and results in a faster PC as you aren’t left with all the legacy crap and stuff you’ve previously installed but no longer use or need. I don’t store anything on the system drive, so generally it’s only the system settings, bookmarks and game save files which require backing up.

        Looks like it may just be you and me on Friday Raw. I guess Battlefield 3’s out 😉 Parts and Wood can’t make it, not sure about anyone else …


  2. Most of my games say “Minimum System Requirements” so I don’t see why earlier games won’t run on Win7. CodII? BF2? Assassins Creed? Dunno. All I can do is load it and find out . . . Dick Smith had an XP to Win7 upgrade for $198 and a 3 user licence version for $186!! What’s that about? Also, some of my games specify 32 bit only so most likely won’t run anyway. Bugger.

    Dunno about this Friday. Brother is over from London. If he wants to come over and drink beer and play snooker I’m in. Otherwise, I may be up but only if I don’t go to the Little Athletics twilight meet. (Still can’t beat those little kids over 200 metres!)


    • The only game/ap I’ve not been able to run on Win7 is V8SC3, and it’s not the actual game, it’s the copy protection software. I haven’t looked for a while to see if there’s a fix. There’s one or two aps I’ve had to run in XP compatibility mode but they work fine. I’m using the 64 bit version and haven’t encountered any problems, but I haven’t tried loading on heaps of old stuff, only the stuff I play & use.

      3 user version .. there’s a similar situation with MS Office. You can get a home/student version with disk & 3 user lisences for only $10 more than just buying a single user key with no disk.
      Win7 Home Premium version works fine for network gaming purposes.


      OEM Home Premium 64 bit for $90 – get a copy with a HDD 🙂


      • Well, Codemasters seem to have ignored Logitech when they sent them the code (FOR FREE) to use the fancy little leds on the G27 and thus enhance their game for the end-user so why would they listen to gamers by making V8SC3 compatible with Win7?
        I can live without V8SC anyway.


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