111125 Rundown …

The lure of limitless quantities of gingerbread wasn’t enough to entice some to the fray.
Raw, Nadz and Woodie accompanied Tone and despite their best efforts to stuff themselves stupid and load up their trunks to the hilt with the sweet stuff, there is still plenty left over for the Edge chickenbots who now have the taste for two headed gingerbread men – and want more!

After a quick demo of DIRT3, we played:
GRID – demo derby, lots ‘o laps & lots ‘o fun, followed by a selection of other four wheel fun.
COD2 – guess who won? Hint … it weren’t me.

NEXT MISSION: With Christmas fast approaching, stay tuned for December 9 confirmation.
An indication of agents intentions re ability to attend over the next few weeks in the comments would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE: NEXT WEEKย  then – 16/12, last one for the year.

Geocaching ….

I’ve recently tried out a not so virtual “game” I’d heard of years ago called Geocaching and have to say, I’ve quickly become hooked!

Set in the 3 dimentional realm of reality, there lies an alternate universe that few mortals know about, yet anyone can discover.
After downloading the Android ap “c:geo” one night, I discovered a “cache” had been hidden less than 500m from my home, so being curious, I set out the next day with the dog , and my GPS enabled phone to find it.
It turned out to be quite an adventure, taking some photos along the way in a fern laden gully, a creek crossing, a steep uphill scramble thru some thick scrub as we zero’d in on the prize.
It wasn’t long before we’d found the hidden cache consisting of a container with a log book and some trinkets. We signed the log and souveniered a ball for Storm in exchange for some small items I had.
I then logged the cache find onlineย  via the ap – and so it began.

That afternoon after picking my kids up, we set off together to find another! I’ve now found 11 caches in some great locations. Interesting places I would not have normally visited and learnt some history along the way too!

Check out www.geocaching.com for more information.
You can create a free account ๐Ÿ™‚


111125 Mission upcoming … and past one.

Last mission 111111, Tone was accompanied by Raw and pleasantly surprised by Nadz and Private Parts attendance ๐Ÿ™‚

There were lots of quotes to quote whilst playing GRID.
We started off with a Demolition Derby .. needless to say it set the style of racing for the evening, with Rampaging Raw Ramjet relentlessly rodgering recklessly – though he wasn’t the only one ๐Ÿ˜‰ – lucky damage was off when we switched to open wheelers as the carnage continued – all in good fun though.

And them some – we entered the warzone that is Call of Duty 2 for some potato masher tossing whilst trying in vain to escape the superfast iron sites of quickdraw McRaw. I’m pretty sure I spent more time waiting to re-spawn than I did actually playing the game.

         | |
     (###   ###)-.
   .(###     ###) \
  /  (###   ###)   )
 (=-  .@#####@|_--"
 /\    \_|l|_/ (\
(=-\     |l|    /
 \  \.___|l|___/
 /\      |_|   /
 \             /
     #  ----  #
     #   __   #

So … who’s up for THIS Friday (25/11 – exactly 1 month out from Christmas)?

I’ve filed an official request to Santa for CODMW3 – add it to your wish list ๐Ÿ˜‰
After all, we can never have enough shoot’ems for Raw to hunt us down in!

111028 Rundown .. upcoming .. & stuff.

Last week Raw, Woodie & Evman joined Tone for a short preview of Battlefield 3.

Before it began, Tone uploaded the latest Nvidia driver from the Asus site for his G73SW lappy, but that was a bad decision, resulting in choppy framerates for the quick demo.
The following night, he uploaded the much newer latest driver from the Nvidia site, and things improved markedly – sweeeet!
It should be noted that Parts has purchased BF3 and discovered it won’t run on Windows XP!
For those of you who are after a JOYSTICK, seen in OfficeWorks today, the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for just under $40. May be cheaper elsewhere, just sayin’ is all, you’ll need one for BF3.

I digress, back to the night .. We had a play around in GRID, a few demolition derby’s, some fast laps around the dockyards, and some really quick prototypes around Spa were memorable.
We then fired up COD2 and shot the shyte out of Ev cause he was annoying us. No, I joke, he actually behaved himself pretty well and played very well … as a target … so we shot the shyte out of him ๐Ÿ™‚

NEXT WEEK: 111111 – I kid you not, all the one’s – that’s gotta mean something in binary code – like – gaming’s one – or on!