BF3 – the an ticipation is over.

Acquired today, Battlefield 3 – Limited Edition!
This supposedly pre-order only version is still available from JB HiFi for $79, but head on up to Harvey Norman, tell them you saw it @ JB and you’ll score the LIMITED EDITION for just $72!!
Surprisingly it wasn’t displayed on the shelves there, but hidden behind the counter – so ask.

LE includes access to an up coming expansion pack “Back To Karkand” – free of charge!

I spotted the Standard edition in Dick Smith for $69 – but why would you?

See you tonight for a DEMO – just about to lock and load.


3 responses to “BF3 – the an ticipation is over.

  1. You missed a bit. You know . . . goes like this . . . “Parts, I got you one too” . . .

    So is it any good?

    Runs on Steam?


    • I’m so generous I got everyone a copy … on hold. You can pick up your’s from HN. There was a problem with my card though so you may have to pay the balance.

      EA had a falling out – I think – with Steam. They’ve set up a similar system called Origin – still in Beta!!! It took me two hours of pure frustration trying to create an account to log on – swearing really loudly didn’t seem to help. Tried online help but hey, you have to log on first – which I couldn’t!!!! So an expensive phone call to EA support, who told me to try creating a new log-in on the EA website FIRST, (though you should be able to use an existing EA account, mine wouldn’t work!) then log in through the Origin app. ALSO, your password must be at least 8 charactioer long, with no special characters (punctuation) . I think that was the problem with my old EA account.

      I’ve only had a very brief look at the single player campaign – visually stunning! Frame rate’s a little choppy even with the GTX460M but on sdefault settings, but playable. I’ll give a bitter rundown when I’ve had a decent look.


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