All hail the glorious Tone!

Yep, that’s me, thanks for the cudo’s Raw 🙂

Unless we’re snowed in or the road washes away completely during the week, we’re set for GO this Friday (21/10).

NEW GAME … well, not NEW, but new to me … and best of all, it’s FREE!

A rainy day with the family, about to start a ‘friendly’ game when we were watching ‘Spawn Point’ on ABC.
Briefly mentioned was a mailed in question about the online game – “Ace of Spaces”  –
It will play on ANY PC “your grandmothers rig can run this game” – we tested on a single core Atom processor successfully – but we did have some trouble connecting to servers in Chrome and Firefox, while IE9 worked fine.

Very much like “Mine Craft” but with the added bonus of a shoot’em, this game had the family HOOKED for the afternoon 🙂 We all found it pretty addictive.
Graphics are pretty basic & block like, BUT, here’s the bonus: you can build defences like bunkers or towers as you go or even tunnel under your opposition to sneak up behind them to blast’em to bits and capture their intel!
We played a large variety of maps including islands, forests, cities and mountains, there’s lots of variety. There’s plenty of people involved in making custom mods and maps for the game too, expanding it further.
The game is still in Beta at this stage, but seems reasonably bug free and is updated fairly regularly looking at the game’s blog. The only problem we had was on one server where only one person could join the green team and everyone else was on blue.

Below is someone else’s screenshot from the site which shows what’s possible with team work and gives you an idea of it’s look and scale.


3 responses to “All hail the glorious Tone!

  1. Due to the over enthusiasm this post has generated – and it being Hobart Show week, I’ve decided to delay gaming for one more week – so make that NEXT Friday (28/9). There is another reason …. well, two actually.
    1. The missus wants to see “The Hunter” – filmed in Tassie about a Tasmanian Tiger hunter – while it’s still on a the cinema – for that matter, so do I.
    2. I plan to spend Monday out along the road with my trusty teaspoon mending the potholes so you gentlemen with ladies cars that have an aversion to uneven ground can visit without fear of damaging your precious suspension :0
    See you then then 😉


    • So that you appreciate the delay even more Raw, I now intend filling in the potholes … with a pair of chopsticks, then I’ll smooth it all down with the missus’ best rolling pin 🙂

      The Hunter was GOOD! Brilliant Tasmanian scenery, good character building story, poinient ending – gets you thinking.


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