111007 Mission Status is GO!!

for a Supercars3 Bathurst racing extravaganza this Friday night! (7/11)

Suggested gaming format open for comments:
40 lap races around Bathurst (should last about 30 mins each) .
Colision: ON, Damage: ON, Pitstops: MANDATORY

5 Races would be good …  or 7, but we’ll see how we go 🙂

 SEE YOU ON THE MOUNTAIN  … literally  –  up past “Skyline” –  if you’re coming 😉

[EDIT 1:00PM]
BREAKING NEWS: Steve Jobs, co- founder of Apple Computers has passed away! Heard on TripleJ news.


3 responses to “111007 Mission Status is GO!!

    • Yay, I won’t be playing with myself then … er, yeah.
      Set up the “old” PC downstairs today, had a bit of a test/warmup, best I could manage was a 1:43.88 – exactly the same two laps in a row! You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve switched to manual transmission for the evening – I think that should be mandatory too – AND in-car view?

      Also bottled 2x homebrews – including the Cascade Chocolate Mahogany Porter – and then put down another two – an Indian Pale Ale & an English Bitter.

      Woodie can’t make it this week, so we might have another session next week too!

      See ya soon 🙂


  1. WHAT??!!!!!
    What’s the lap record for Bathurst?
    Just came downstairs, first run, pulled a 1:39.69 – smashing my previous best 1:41 !!!!

    Now, to make that consistent for 40 laps 🙂


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