110923 No Go …


NO mission this Friday 23, agent Wood has his Borgs to maintain. All intending attendees should reschedule mission date for 30/9.

Launch sequence reset, mission control countdown recommences in 3,  2,  1,  NOW.

Pic attachment test from Android app: Now these would make for an interesting Frag Fest 🙂
[Added:] These Bad Boy’s toys spotted in Kmart shoot soaked paper bullets up to 100m depending on the model, kinda like paint-ball … without the paint, or more like … spit-ball 🙂

[Edited:]  C U nxt week … err, no we won’t … the week after for the …
Prepare yourself for 4 hours of solid racing!

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8 responses to “110923 No Go …

  1. Parts can’t do the 30th. Has a hot date with a Reggae band at the Queens Head. Somebody please kill me now.


    • Mmm, drop the boy off, come up here, then pick him up on the way home 😉

      The following week (7/10) is ….. BATHURST WEEKEND !!!!
      There’s only one thing for it if that happens ….
      Fire up the old V8SC3 for a 4 hour Bathrust marathon! – so who’s in?


      • I’m in . . . but only if we play Reggae music for the entire 4 hours. I don’t think Bob Marley wrote 4 hours of music in his lifetime. AND you have to have a free-for-all non-stop BBQ . . . AND free beer . . . AND free Mr Marley Weed . . . AND come last in the race (which I suspect you will because you’ll be too busy cooking and opening stubbies for us competitors! 🙂 )


  2. How’s this Parts …

    You can listen on your headphones to as much Reggae as you can handle,
    You can cook your own morsels of meat over the flame of a candle,
    You can drink as much beer as you want or you need,
    and even partake in the consumption of said Marley Weed,
    but as far as me coming last in the race,
    that will very much depend on the consistency of our pace.



  3. Suck it up baby.

    Parts is coming and the fury of hell is coming with me . . . I coudn’t convince her to stay at home 🙂


    • I hope “she” is accompanying you to chauffeur you home safely after drinking all my beer – and promises not to drag you away early from your very important gaming commitments! – Batch 34 is a cracker too 🙂


  4. fairly stimulating. Nonetheless, I beg your pardon, because I do not give credence to your whole plan, all be it radical none the less. It looks to me that your opinions are generally not completely justified and in actuality you are generally yourself not really fully certain of your assertion. In any event I did appreciate reading it.


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