110909 Rundown.

So what happened? What happens at the EDGE, stays at the EDGE, but I can tell you this ….

Raw, Parts, Woody (I keep typing Wooky!) and Tone were there. It was wet, the potholes were full of water and well disguised as dirty little swimming pools, so we spent the evening inside abandoning the idea of a fire as I for one didn’t want my new blue rinse hair to run and spoil my nice frock.

Instead, we fired up GRID, literally bashed out a few laps and then shot each other to shyte in CODII. It was fun 🙂

Thanks fella’s.



5 responses to “110909 Rundown.

  1. How do you get bullet holes out of your best Friday-frag-fest frock? I’ve tried absolutely everything daaaahhlings . . . 🙂


  2. Tone, feel free to remove that last comment and save it in your personal archive. Upmarket scotch awaits. And Mudnuts STILL sucks a lot of [delete expletive].

    [ EDIT: I left it there, but may have edited it a little 🙂 Can’t say I don’t disagree though. ]


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