Sale on at Game …

Right now you can pick up Duke Nukem Forever brand new for only $44, as well as Dirt 3, Crysis 2 or Lego Star Wars 3 for just $58 each.

I have Dirt 3 – if you want to rally or get some off road action – highly recommended!
I’d love to be playing this in multiplayer on Friday missions 🙂

Here’s a re-post of a video I posted earlier:

110923 No Go …


NO mission this Friday 23, agent Wood has his Borgs to maintain. All intending attendees should reschedule mission date for 30/9.

Launch sequence reset, mission control countdown recommences in 3,  2,  1,  NOW.

Pic attachment test from Android app: Now these would make for an interesting Frag Fest 🙂
[Added:] These Bad Boy’s toys spotted in Kmart shoot soaked paper bullets up to 100m depending on the model, kinda like paint-ball … without the paint, or more like … spit-ball 🙂

[Edited:]  C U nxt week … err, no we won’t … the week after for the …
Prepare yourself for 4 hours of solid racing!

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110909 Rundown.

So what happened? What happens at the EDGE, stays at the EDGE, but I can tell you this ….

Raw, Parts, Woody (I keep typing Wooky!) and Tone were there. It was wet, the potholes were full of water and well disguised as dirty little swimming pools, so we spent the evening inside abandoning the idea of a fire as I for one didn’t want my new blue rinse hair to run and spoil my nice frock.

Instead, we fired up GRID, literally bashed out a few laps and then shot each other to shyte in CODII. It was fun 🙂

Thanks fella’s.


110909 – On again!!

Yeah, alright then, due to popular demand and many requests – well, two –
GAMING IS ON AGAIN this week – 9/9.
Parts is allowed up – with his spanking new G27 wheel and Woodie’s sent a text of keen intent.

LAST WEEKS RUNDOWN: Well, I could bang on forever about how you couldn’t see the bodies for the chairs – what a night! Only one gamer up on Friday – RAW, so it would have been a quiet one if not for a noisy drunk neighbour who decided to visit and keep us on our toes. We had a rip roaring fire with dry wood, bit of a CHAT, bit of a bash in GRID, a bit of a shoot in BLACK OPS and a bit of a laugh at Ev.

 On a side note, Robots. Have you seen these? Brilliant bit of kit, the
NAO Humanoid Robot from Aldebaran Robotics

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Available from Sedoniatech for a mere $16,500 + GST.

Vermin Fawlty

Is it a mouse …. It’s certainly no hampster!

Rat Mouse

I spied this hanging from a box at a HN store not so long ago – one of the best looking bits of “hands-on” kit I’ve ever seen! A pretty much fully adjustable Cyborg Rat! Untested by me apart from a wiggle on the display one, more info can be found HERE:

Can’t wait to see the flying pig Manuel 😉