119819 Mission Debriefing

Parts Raw and Tone frocked up for ladies evening, wearing flowers in our hair, sharing home made Lamingtons, Devonshire tea and Ox tail soup, with a sing-along around the camp fire to keep spirits up due to the lacklustre turn-out.

Well, while some of the above could be true, some of it could be complete fabrication – perhaps the hand sewn floral dresses – perhaps not, only those that were there will know what really happened 😉

Needless to say, we had lots of manly mayhem in GRID – with full damage, collision on, and no driver assists, we all won, lost and some of us DNF, but there were no girlie tears.

After more sing-alongs and sherry around the fire, a bit of a blast at some Black Ops Zombies ensued while Raw downloaded a required update which took too long, so we charged into COD2.

Raw immediately got his eye in Carentan, pinning Parts and Tone down, before jumping to Tunisia, where just 3 points separated us at the end of the round! R, P & Tone, letting the guests win to keep them happy 🙂

Thanks fella’s for what seemed like days of fun!

Pencil in September 2. Not sure why, just pencil it in 🙂
oh, and Parts said his new G27 wheel is on it’s way, so no more blaming his tool for his hopeless driving 😉



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