110819 Mission Good for GO!!

That would be this Friday, get your GAME ON!
Busy weekend lined up, but I’ve been catching up on the ZZZed’z this week with some early 12am nights – early for me anywayz and keen for some carnage. Parts has expressed interest, and Wood thru him, so let’s rumble 🙂
Remember the new Asus G73SW laptop – stuttering like a pig in GRID with poor frame rate and not performing as it’s generous specs would suggest it should in the shoot’ems, especially compared to my “old” desktop rig? Quite disappointing as it’s emblazoned with the “Republic of Gamers” logo, I was expecting, well, a little more – apart from it’s massive bulk.

I removed some Asus bloatware first, but not satisfied, researched the bejesus out of it last night, when I stumbled on this lenghty forum:
http://forum.notebookreview.com/asus-reviews-owners-lounges/547044-asus-g73sw-owners-lounge-152.html yep, all the way on page 152 I read this from another G73 owner:
“On a different note, I discovered that my laptop is definitely the victim of CPU throttling when running GPU heavy tasks, like described here:
Running Throttlestop once and closing it fixes it. I remember people complaining in this thread about stuttering, and this could definitely be one cause of that.”

I ended up at this forum post:
and then downloaded that little app called ThrottleStop from here:

As a test, I fired up JustCause2 (upstairs, no wheel) and the difference is REMARKABLE!
Also tested it earlier tonight on battery – no noticeable increase in consumption, so all is now AWESOME .. finally.

Allegedly Asus are working on an official fix after initially denying there was a problem.


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