110729 Mission Debriefing …

OK, so what happened last time … it went something like this:

Parts decided to turn up for a change to join Raw, Nadz and Tone.

We arced up the firepot, first, though it wasn’t too cold, but the damp wood eventually provided a pleasant focalpoint for our non-gaming socialising. Once the coals were established, we settled into GRID and covered more races than we’ve ever achieved in a single night in the entire gaming history of the EDGE, or so it seemed, with only a few short breaks to rest our pumped arms from the force feedback frenzy of virtual racing. We covered a massive variety of cars and tracks, my personal favorite: demolition derby!

After a bit of a chat around some freshly added logs, we jumped into COD2 where RAW held us at bay with this stealth, quick reflexes and cunning. Nadz memorably downed him once though with a well deserved WHOOPLAH of shear joy! Go Nadz!

After enough continuous gaming mayhem to develop full blown RSI, we shut down and retired to the dying embers for a final chat before departing into the night.

All round, a very pleasant evening, thanks fellas!


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