110715 Mission Debriefing

Raw, Woodie, Darklord and Commander joined Tone for the first foray into the new gaming frontier. Part’s wasn’t notably absent.

A cold and frosty evening saw the new firepot eventually encouraged into existence with Shellite providing some explosive warmth to dry out the wet timber.
As the first part of the evening was chewed up installing and configuring GRID,COD2 on several machines and various technical issues with patches, the fire became a focus for social interaction.

Sometime after 10pm, all PC’s were finally sorted and ready to play. We had a several rounds in COD2, then fired up GRID which performed exceptionally.

For future reference and agents not in attendance (for example, PARTS) should be aware that COD2 should have the 1.3 update applied, and GRID should only be updated to version 1.2! (NOT 1.3)
To check your version navigate to – C:\Program Files (x86)\Codemasters\GRID
right click on the GRID.exe, select properties, details tab and view the File Version is (

Hopefully in future missions we can get some of the other new games now available on the list locked and loaded onto all machines. Another candidate is COD World at War.

Debriefing ends.


8 responses to “110715 Mission Debriefing

  1. Next mission is scheduled for next week – 29/7, an unfortunate coincidence has arisen. Edge’s internet provider has notified me that their upsteam provider will be doing maintenance sometime after 9pm at my local exchange, which involved possibly up to 4 hours of down time. This shouldn’t impact as far as gaming goes, so I guess we’ll soldier on regardless. I’m hoping they’re upgrading to ADSL2, or even better, fibre! but one can only live in hope.



  2. I WILL be there this week. Need to check my Grid virgin but I think it’s 1.2 as I had issues with the 1.3 patch. Am currently “testing” World at War but Edge is encouraging me to go buy my own copy . . .


  3. I am afraid it is true Parts. Tone has bought all of the tickets ;). And your Grid has a virgin? how odd lol…Tone……Fibre??? In your dreams buddy 😉


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