110701 Special Mission Debrief

Dark,  Wood,  Raw,  Parts & Tone were treated to a late surprise special guest appearance by inaugural founding alliance member Commander Mick – remember him? Lots of banter ensued as Tone celebrated his recent release from extended corporate servitude, needless to say, minimal gaming action tool place. Around 9pm, we kicked off with 4 or 5 V8SC3 races and while Tone may have been virtually drink driving, he does remember being knocked into last place on at least two occasions by Raw, then somehow managing to scrape back a position or two for the finish.
We then tried to launch Battlestations Midway with no success, before jumping into the Coal Mine in COD 2 for a quick blast. We finished up about 12. 30.


3 responses to “110701 Special Mission Debrief

  1. geez I always get the blame lol. Actually I think I knocked u off the track on the last race as payback for a previous rumble, Or that may have been payback at parts for knocking me off the track 2 or 3 times.Who knows. Lets just say I knocked everyone off the track and leave it at that 😉


    • To be honest I never knock into people with the aim to knock them off.I normally have good intentions,and thats the truth,seriously 🙂


      • All in good fun, I’m still smiling 🙂 I think I inadvertently cut someone off and cleaned them up on the very first corner of the first race. I had good intentions too … I intended to win 😉


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