110715 Mission Debriefing

Raw, Woodie, Darklord and Commander joined Tone for the first foray into the new gaming frontier. Part’s wasn’t notably absent.

A cold and frosty evening saw the new firepot eventually encouraged into existence with Shellite providing some explosive warmth to dry out the wet timber.
As the first part of the evening was chewed up installing and configuring GRID,COD2 on several machines and various technical issues with patches, the fire became a focus for social interaction.

Sometime after 10pm, all PC’s were finally sorted and ready to play. We had a several rounds in COD2, then fired up GRID which performed exceptionally.

For future reference and agents not in attendance (for example, PARTS) should be aware that COD2 should have the 1.3 update applied, and GRID should only be updated to version 1.2! (NOT 1.3)
To check your version navigate to – C:\Program Files (x86)\Codemasters\GRID
right click on the GRID.exe, select properties, details tab and view the File Version is (

Hopefully in future missions we can get some of the other new games now available on the list locked and loaded onto all machines. Another candidate is COD World at War.

Debriefing ends.

110715 Mission Status

We’re good for GO this Friday, 15/7.

The EDGE has acquired new laptop in the form of an Asus G73SW – primarily for graphic design/work purposes of course, but I’ve also been busy building it up and kitting it out for the next gaming foray. This new 17″ stealth powerhouse (review to come after further testing) will allow us to now step up to the current crop of games during most missions as Wood will be promoted and approved to use Deepthought, upping the minumum spec’d PC which has been holding us back to date. The only known drawback being Windows 7’s compatibility issues with V8SC3, but as an alternative, GRID is now on the table, along with DIRT3!

The EDGE encourages legitimate forms of software acquisition and provides the following list of genuine games on hand so that agents can seek out their own genuine copies. Many of the titles are now available for as little as $10. Titles from the “Games Installed” STEAM list should be a priority! Please share any bargains you find in the “For Sale” section of the blog.

GAMES INSTALLED: Battlefield2 (+ Special Forces), Call of Duty 2, Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold, BattleStations Midway, GRID, DIRT3, MS Flight SimulatorX
[STEAM: Brink, Call of Duty: Black Ops,  (JustCause2 – Single player only)]

GAMES AVAILABLE*: Combat Flight Sim 3, IL-2 Sturmovik – 1946, Heros of the Pacific, Grand Theft Auto – tales from Liberty City, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Test Drive Unlimited 2, Need for Speed – Most Wanted, Crysis + expansions, Command & Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars, Medal of Honour Airbourne, Call of Juarez- Bound for Blood, Stranglehold, Dead Space, World in Conflict – Complete Edition, Age of Empires 3, Assassin’s Creed, (V8SC3 – XP only!)
[STEAM: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Counter-Strike & Source, Day of Defeat, Deathmatch Classic, Half-Life, Half-Life2 series, Lead and Gold, Metro 2033, Richochet, Team Fortress Classic]
*Some of these games have not yet been tested for Windows 7 compatibility.

OPEN FOR DISCUSSION: Now we have the firepower, are there any other titles you’d be interested in playing on gaming night and from the above, what are you likely to want to play?

110701 Special Mission Debrief

Dark,  Wood,  Raw,  Parts & Tone were treated to a late surprise special guest appearance by inaugural founding alliance member Commander Mick – remember him? Lots of banter ensued as Tone celebrated his recent release from extended corporate servitude, needless to say, minimal gaming action tool place. Around 9pm, we kicked off with 4 or 5 V8SC3 races and while Tone may have been virtually drink driving, he does remember being knocked into last place on at least two occasions by Raw, then somehow managing to scrape back a position or two for the finish.
We then tried to launch Battlestations Midway with no success, before jumping into the Coal Mine in COD 2 for a quick blast. We finished up about 12. 30.