110617 Debrief – next status

Raw & Tone sat alone but amused themselves with Empire Earth, Nanobot era – or something like that.
Tone built up a mighty population and what he thought was a solid defence of walls and towers, but could not hold off the continued onslaught of natural (some would say unnatural) and man made destruction which Raw sent forth. Oh, and Parts didnt’t show.



6 responses to “110617 Debrief – next status

  1. There you go building those walls again lol.Some might think you have a complex of sorts.

    And Parts……Shame on you 😉


  2. Parts WILL be up this week.
    & a big congrats to Tone for finishing up at The Mercury today after many a looooooong year!!
    Tone is now available for odd jobs, lawn mowing, house painting, rubbish removal at cheap rates. No job too big or too small 🙂


  3. Before you ring though, you should make sure you have a “dial Tone” first 🙂

    AND if I don’t show up tonight, I may change my name from Parts to the Phantom . . . just putting that out there . . .


  4. Yes but then the Singh Brotherhood, the Phantom’s oldest sworn enemies will rock upto ur door ;).Well that’s what I googled anyways lol.


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