110603 Mission Status

Been busy this week.  buying games that is. Picked up JustCause2 yesterdayfor the princely sum of $19 odd from EB, a game I’ve been eyeing off since it’s launch last year. Single player only, but a massive island explore and destroy. Loving it so far, using a grappling hook and parachute to launch yourself about in a Spidermanesque way.
Today I picked up the just released DIRT3 from JB for $59!
What can I say. AWESOME!

Anyway,  what’s going on this Friday?
It’s ON , that’s what! So get your game on 🙂

And here’s a DiRT3 tease … almost recognise the Mini? Unbelievable!
Found it looking for my second car to test.


2 responses to “110603 Mission Status

  1. Are you sure that little clip wasn’t YOU driving up T Rd? Could have fooled me . . .
    Ahhhhh, won’t be up this Friday . . . playing with my Thermomix. It does a MEAN mulled wine!! Make you some when you come out Friday week for the demo 🙂 Dunno if CO’s have been in touch re times etc or what.
    Will definitely come to the next gaming event after that for some action of the digital variety. Black OPs anyone?
    STill haven’t loaded Brink either. DOH.


    • Parts: I’ve edited some sensitive info from your post.
      It is actually me driving in the vid 🙂 Even better than the real thing, it costs nothing if I crash! And as you know, I crash LOTS 🙂

      You may have noticed last week, I also edited your training pic .. your face is blurrier and darker to obscure your identity further 🙂

      As for playing with your thermomix, what kind of a game is that? I expect you’ll be trying to perfect mulled wine before next weekend – looking forward to the demo. Cheers.


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