20110520 GO!

Confirmation: tomorrow night’s gaming is ON.

WAS on, and what an evening of awesomeness it was! An outstanding turnout of 7 participants which included Darklord, Woody, Raw, Nadz, Parts, Eman & Tone. V8SC3 was first off the line with a stint in the VW Baja series, in which I managed to win one race and come second last, beating Parts for the series.
Gokarts were up next for a change where I managed to win another race! then we switched to the Gamballa/Koneig cup series to up the pace which included a hair raising run around Bathurst.
Enough with the laps, we fired up COD2 with a mix of maps, head2head deathmatch and a team challenge to boot, where Wood & Darklord took on the rest of us.
An all round enjoyable evening finishing up at a respectable 12.30am.

NEXT MISSION: Pencil in next fortnight and await further instruction.

On another matter, Osama may be dead, but he’s still the current World Record holder for hide and seek, though there’s rumours Commander Mick is in the running πŸ˜‰ Cheers.


4 responses to “20110520 GO!

  1. I thought “I” was the hero of the evening just by simply turning up! Turns out being punted off on various tracks on more than one occasion made up for my minor indescreation. In my defence, I did wait for those I “tapped” due to my ability (or lack therof) exceeding my aspirations to pass me back afterwards but I was punted off the track on at least 3 occassions afterwards to render me an also-ran (read LAST) in the rest of the series. You can call me “Roger Revisited” Though there was no vengeance on my part. Did enjoy the evening. Looking forward to the next one.
    PARTS out.


    • Just noticed your post needed approving Parts! Different email.au πŸ˜‰
      They always say the good guy’s come last, there was never a goodder driver than Parts!


  2. ok, Tone must of been out of it.Time to clarify it.Raw won the racing trophy,yay, and it was Raw and Woodie that took on the rest.Darklord packed up πŸ˜‰


  3. Oops, my bad. Hard to tell from 8 metres away wots goin’ on, but I do recall DL packing up early.

    BRINK – Parts and I invested today, DickSmith have it for $69.94 – $79 elsewhere.
    First impressions: yeah yeah, another shooter, this one set in 2045 on the Ark, a massive floating city. Customise your character and choose Security to save the Ark or Resistance to escape it. Teamwork is the key, with greater rewards(XP) for completing objectives and helping out your buddies than killing your enemies. Takes a few hits to drop someone, then you can leave them to call a medic, or finish them off. There’s 4 Classes which have different skills, and over 50 unique abilities to unlock as you progress. While XP unlocks abilities and character customisations, completing challenges is required to unlock weapons and attachments.
    Pros – Fluid body movement separates this title from others and works well. The few maps I looked at looked good.
    Cons – some interface font glitches online, there’s already a patch, there is no free-for-all mode. Some might say Steam.


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