110603 Mission Status

Been busy this week.  buying games that is. Picked up JustCause2 yesterdayfor the princely sum of $19 odd from EB, a game I’ve been eyeing off since it’s launch last year. Single player only, but a massive island explore and destroy. Loving it so far, using a grappling hook and parachute to launch yourself about in a Spidermanesque way.
Today I picked up the just released DIRT3 from JB for $59!
What can I say. AWESOME!

Anyway,  what’s going on this Friday?
It’s ON , that’s what! So get your game on 🙂

And here’s a DiRT3 tease … almost recognise the Mini? Unbelievable!
Found it looking for my second car to test.

20110520 GO!

Confirmation: tomorrow night’s gaming is ON.

WAS on, and what an evening of awesomeness it was! An outstanding turnout of 7 participants which included Darklord, Woody, Raw, Nadz, Parts, Eman & Tone. V8SC3 was first off the line with a stint in the VW Baja series, in which I managed to win one race and come second last, beating Parts for the series.
Gokarts were up next for a change where I managed to win another race! then we switched to the Gamballa/Koneig cup series to up the pace which included a hair raising run around Bathurst.
Enough with the laps, we fired up COD2 with a mix of maps, head2head deathmatch and a team challenge to boot, where Wood & Darklord took on the rest of us.
An all round enjoyable evening finishing up at a respectable 12.30am.

NEXT MISSION: Pencil in next fortnight and await further instruction.

On another matter, Osama may be dead, but he’s still the current World Record holder for hide and seek, though there’s rumours Commander Mick is in the running 😉 Cheers.

Next Mission?

NOT ON this week, texta in and prepare for your next battle on 20/5.

Condolences to Commander Mick on the passing of his father. My thoughts are with you and your Mum during this difficult time.

Aside from working hard as always, last night I unlocked the BlackOps crossbow 🙂 Untried as yet as it was approaching 2am and bedtime.

DS have the BO 4gb black bullet thumb drives that should have been free with the game for sale now for around $12.