Nancyboy eh? … It’s ON.

After four nights of "training" Parts was unable to cope with the
punishment dished out not only for his lackluster attendance,
but also his insolence in referring to Tone as a "Nancyboy".

Such behavior will NOT be tolerated. His missus is hereby warned
that if his attendance does not improve dramatically, the photo
taken of HER after heavy training will also be published for
educational purposes. And don't for a second think I'm bluffing.

#*#*# GAMING IS GO THIS WEEK - 29/4 #*#*#
All agents are advised to attend, especially Parts.
(I may consider removing the above pic for good behavior.) 

2 responses to “Nancyboy eh? … It’s ON.

  1. If I squint, it almost looks like a cute little wilderness critter ;). I should be there, my cold should be well and truly gone by then.


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