20100422 Status

Agents are instructed to stand down – mission is aborted.

Good Friday is not good for gaming, it’s good for training.
Parts and his family will be taken to a remote location to the north of our island for intense instruction on the requirements of gaming night attendance and also receive disciplinary action for his failure to show last mission.
This may involve Parts and his wife will be strapped to kitchen chairs and funnel fed hard liquor – by their children – until it is agreed that gaming night is the most important event on the social calendar and there is absolutely NO excuse why one should be missed.
IF he does well, there is a chance for promotion, but Corporal Parts doesn’t quite work and it will likely be quite a while before he makes Major Parts!

Message ends <


4 responses to “20100422 Status

  1. Bring it on, Nancyboy!
    I’ll have a handy couple of hours head start so should be nicely dug-in by the time you arrive.
    You’ve lost the element of surprise and the best form of defence is ATTACK.


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