Nancyboy eh? … It’s ON.

After four nights of "training" Parts was unable to cope with the
punishment dished out not only for his lackluster attendance,
but also his insolence in referring to Tone as a "Nancyboy".

Such behavior will NOT be tolerated. His missus is hereby warned
that if his attendance does not improve dramatically, the photo
taken of HER after heavy training will also be published for
educational purposes. And don't for a second think I'm bluffing.

#*#*# GAMING IS GO THIS WEEK - 29/4 #*#*#
All agents are advised to attend, especially Parts.
(I may consider removing the above pic for good behavior.) 

20100422 Status

Agents are instructed to stand down – mission is aborted.

Good Friday is not good for gaming, it’s good for training.
Parts and his family will be taken to a remote location to the north of our island for intense instruction on the requirements of gaming night attendance and also receive disciplinary action for his failure to show last mission.
This may involve Parts and his wife will be strapped to kitchen chairs and funnel fed hard liquor – by their children – until it is agreed that gaming night is the most important event on the social calendar and there is absolutely NO excuse why one should be missed.
IF he does well, there is a chance for promotion, but Corporal Parts doesn’t quite work and it will likely be quite a while before he makes Major Parts!

Message ends <

110408 Brief Debrief

[EDIT] Did I mention Parts was AWOL? [/EDIT]
Raw, Darklord, Woodie, Evman and Tone firstly went trackside in V8SC3.
I remember clearly winning the second race, but that may be because it was the only one I won. (111)
We then went poolside at Finca Housewarming in SOFII Gold – until late.
I’ll let Raw remember it, I have Black Ops to attend to 😉


March got it’s marching orders and another week has marched on by into April – hell, its Thursday again already!
After a solid nights sleep I’m primed and ready for Fridays foray of friendly fire. Bring on the bullets boys!