March 1 status …

Arghh me landlubbin players of pretend, yo meh be asking yerselves – is it on? Well me hearties, if thar be enough one eye’s one legged parrot supportin’ pirates interested in takin’ on the mayhem that’s sure to ensue aboard the good pirate ship Edge, then it be on. Raise yer flag of intent for all to see, lest the evenin’ be scuttled forever to Davies Jones’ locker. Argh.


11 responses to “March 1 status …

  1. I’m happy to wait for next week as I’ll be on holidays. As for this week, I can’t be bothered to get of my ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHSE!


  2. Beware the tides of March .. something like that, unless I get 23 hours sleep tonight, which is very unlikely, we’ll wait for Pirate Parts to swing aboard, blazing his cutlass and razing the mizzen mast next week then, when he gets off his aaaaaaaaaargggghhhhse. Hope that suits the crew on this democratic ship of poirotin’, cause the last thing we be wantin’ is a mutiny! Fire the canons … mmm, Canon, that rings the ears … or perhaps that’s the ships bell. I think the clangers broken.


    • Meanwhile, you can have a look at some pretty new pictures on EDGE Flickr while you wait, or pehaps follow some recently added Delicious Links on the Mutha fLIcking scamming dog Michael Munday we’re hunting down. Thar be plenty to do off the Edge … of the world.


  3. I was looking forward to this week.Not sure what im upto next week.I will txt woodie later and see what he was going to do and txt u Tone.


  4. I speak of the virtual realm of which you don’t frequent called failbook.

    Your missus sent me a joke the other day :
    The three major social networking sites Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are going to combine and become one supermassive Networking site. Called YouTwitFace.


  5. bob would be me.woodie wanted me on there,think he wants me to play poker or something lol. so Im there incognito


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