Ok already …

Sorry for no update, busy catching scum and sleeping a bit.
Last week we got on the ground in Black Ops.
Yes, it’s true, I may have been playing a little before ko.
I may have kicked Raw’s but, and I may not have.

Anyway, it’s ON THIS WEEK 18/3

Back to scum busting. Rich knows what I mean.
See ya Friday.


2 responses to “Ok already …

  1. It’s good we can have these little chuckles now and then about Tone thinking he kicked butt in black ops lol.

    I will be there.


  2. Parts is up for busting some scum too. I hope I don’t nail my OWN arse to the floor for a change. RAW’s (fat chance) and Tone’s will do. (Tone, I say we gang up on him) We’d better have a crack at Zombies too, just so we’re all on the same team for a change . . . and also so RAW can’t kick our butts into next week.


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