20110304 Status

Yep, good for yo .. go.
Where’s the update from last mission?
Well, I could rabbit on about how we raced V8SC3 all night, fixed a random crash error by turning off shadows … remember that old gem? Doesn’t look quite as nice, but it works.
I could listen to the hours of tape, typing out scores ….
OR I could finish updating my HD2 to the latest Gingerbread ROM …
or I could tell you that I found an iphone G4 this morning, decided it was crap,  so returned it to it’s rightful owner and refused a reward because I didn’t think it was worth anything!
or, I could jump online after a night slaving over code and make a target for someone in Black Ops  and hope I don’t die like the fellows in my previous post …
or I could go to bed, as it’s now morning.

Well, ROM’s done …    (+)


5 responses to “20110304 Status

  1. At this late point in time I can neither confirm nor deny whether I will be attending festivities tomorrow evening. But just in case, on the off-chance, at the end of the day, in the fullness of time, for those who are interested, my mouse is now fully charged. But I can guarantee the Australian people that there will be no tax on carbon under a labour government.


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