March 1 status …

Arghh me landlubbin players of pretend, yo meh be asking yerselves – is it on? Well me hearties, if thar be enough one eye’s one legged parrot supportin’ pirates interested in takin’ on the mayhem that’s sure to ensue aboard the good pirate ship Edge, then it be on. Raise yer flag of intent for all to see, lest the evenin’ be scuttled forever to Davies Jones’ locker. Argh.

Ok already …

Sorry for no update, busy catching scum and sleeping a bit.
Last week we got on the ground in Black Ops.
Yes, it’s true, I may have been playing a little before ko.
I may have kicked Raw’s but, and I may not have.

Anyway, it’s ON THIS WEEK 18/3

Back to scum busting. Rich knows what I mean.
See ya Friday.

20110304 Status

Yep, good for yo .. go.
Where’s the update from last mission?
Well, I could rabbit on about how we raced V8SC3 all night, fixed a random crash error by turning off shadows … remember that old gem? Doesn’t look quite as nice, but it works.
I could listen to the hours of tape, typing out scores ….
OR I could finish updating my HD2 to the latest Gingerbread ROM …
or I could tell you that I found an iphone G4 this morning, decided it was crap,  so returned it to it’s rightful owner and refused a reward because I didn’t think it was worth anything!
or, I could jump online after a night slaving over code and make a target for someone in Black Ops  and hope I don’t die like the fellows in my previous post …
or I could go to bed, as it’s now morning.

Well, ROM’s done …    (+)