110204 Mission Debrief

Raw, Parts & Tone fired up BlackOps for a night of virtual shoot’em frenzy. We joined a few online games first up befor hosting our own 6 person team deathmatch and were joined by some random players. Then we set up a FFA and finally tried out multi-player Zombie mode, accessible ironically from single player mode. There we were joined by some bossy bint who kept telling us what to do, which though annoying, probably helped as we didn’t have a clue being complete NOOBS to Zombies.

Pencil next gaming in for Friday 18/2.



5 responses to “110204 Mission Debrief

  1. there is another little trick with that menu screen break out of ur chair thingy, you can type alicia into it and u get a very dumb virtual chat response AI


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