WARNING: Gaming Addicts …

Online gaming can lead to more than just killing time and virtual lives.

In Korea, a 27-year-old mother is alleged to have attacked her eldest child when the boy urinated on the floor while she settled down to sleep after four hours of playing online.

Earlier this year, a couple in their twenties had allowed their three-month-old daughter to starve to death while they attended to fictional online children.

A 22-year-old man killed his mother when she nagged at him to give up his online game playing and get a job, and a 21-year-old man killed his mother because he felt that her addiction was causing her to neglect her family.

In another case, a 32-year-old man played online without a break for five days before dying of exhaustion in his armchair and yesterday a man in his 30’s in China died after a 3 day non-stop online gaming binge.

Nearly 1 million South Korean adults in their twenties and thirties are now compulsive gamers, while the number of teenage internet addicts in China has risen to 33 million!

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/technology/gaming/man-dies-during-three-day-gaming-binge/story-e6frfrt9-1226010549153#ixzz1ElIyhGwx


110204 Mission Debrief

Raw, Parts & Tone fired up BlackOps for a night of virtual shoot’em frenzy. We joined a few online games first up befor hosting our own 6 person team deathmatch and were joined by some random players. Then we set up a FFA and finally tried out multi-player Zombie mode, accessible ironically from single player mode. There we were joined by some bossy bint who kept telling us what to do, which though annoying, probably helped as we didn’t have a clue being complete NOOBS to Zombies.

Pencil next gaming in for Friday 18/2.


Mission this week?

Raw came up for some Black Ops fun. Tone won the first game while Raw “got his eye in”. Didn’t take long.

Next game: THIS FRIDAY 4/2??
I’ve had lots of late nights lately, so I’m beastly careless and an easier target than usual .. if that’s possible 😉

Mick said he might come up!