Happy New Year!

Now let’s not muck around, get your game ON THIS FRIDAY (7/1) @ the EDGE. Parts is in, if no one else is, it will be Black Ops at 20 paces 🙂

Hope you all scored a few PC goodies over Christmas and the post sales, I acquired the fore mentioned COD BO as a pressie, of which I finished the visually impressive single player missions last night.

Today I picked up 4 sets of Logitech ClearChat headphones (40% off) and a Swann twin wireless security camera kit (50% off) from DS. These items have been on my most wanted list for some time!

On Monday 3rd, we had a gathering of youngsters and family assembled and eager for some online distraction, seems they can’t handle the real world anymore! 10 PC’s were successfully networked together in the enclave for a SOFII extravaganza of epic proportions and surprisingly no problems. Hopefully the gremlins will leave us alone this year.

If you can’t make it, have a good one – ‘till next time.
If you can make it, LET US KNOW 🙂



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  1. black ops does look pretty amazing, just started playing it.didnt change any settings,didnt think it would run as well as it does.properly not so good if i tweaked some of the graphic settings but default looks wicked as it is.might be worth trying it with higher anti aliasing and res etc but hey ,im happy with it how it is.best graphics ive seen in awhile.


    • Parts’ son found this Easter egg in BO: “When the game loads and you are in the interrogation room with the gaming options on the screen, press spacebar repeatedly and the dude will stand up. You can then wander around the room and find a computer console which you can use. Type in DOA and it starts a cool zombie game!
      “It seems you have to have played the game before you can access the arcade zombie game. I tried to go straight there after starting bo and it wouldn’t let me get out of the chair, the fellows behind the glass kept zapping me so I couldn’t break out of the interrogation chair …”

      I’m loving BO, the online servers are really fast, good to hear you’ve acquired a copy Raw.


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