Mission Review/update

Parts and Tone had a play on the 7/1, with a few casual laps in V8SC3 and some shoot’em action in Black Ops after a lot of frigging around trying to join the same game. There is no dedicated LAN available, all games must be played thru Steam online. There’s also seems to be no way to search for a particular game or a friend!! You both must join the same game, then all the players appear in your recent players list after the game and you can then add them to your friends list. Then one of you can host a private game so the other can join. Pretty bloody clumbsy, especially if you were in two different locations, FAIL.

NEXT MISSION: Parts has prior commitments this Friday, so will be a no show.
Is this week the best week for Agents re work commitments, or next week?
I’m easy, lmk.

Happy New Year!

Now let’s not muck around, get your game ON THIS FRIDAY (7/1) @ the EDGE. Parts is in, if no one else is, it will be Black Ops at 20 paces 🙂

Hope you all scored a few PC goodies over Christmas and the post sales, I acquired the fore mentioned COD BO as a pressie, of which I finished the visually impressive single player missions last night.

Today I picked up 4 sets of Logitech ClearChat headphones (40% off) and a Swann twin wireless security camera kit (50% off) from DS. These items have been on my most wanted list for some time!

On Monday 3rd, we had a gathering of youngsters and family assembled and eager for some online distraction, seems they can’t handle the real world anymore! 10 PC’s were successfully networked together in the enclave for a SOFII extravaganza of epic proportions and surprisingly no problems. Hopefully the gremlins will leave us alone this year.

If you can’t make it, have a good one – ‘till next time.
If you can make it, LET US KNOW 🙂