101210 Mission Debriefing

Raw, Parts & Woodie shared the last  EDGE gaming evening of 2010 with Tone. V8 supercars 3 was unanimously voted the game of choice. We started of with Woods choice of off road action in the faster baja’s. Our gaming pleasure was intermittently disrupted once again by faulty smoke & mirrors in Tone’s dual boot PC, which decided for no apparent reason not to allow certain cars on certain tracks with a dll file error resulting in the game crashing randomly more than Tone managed to crash his car. This resulted in us racing a wide variety of cars and tracks we normally wouldn’t have, making for an interesting and varied evening of mostly racing. Results may be reflected in the comments as no score was kept.
We followed our tarmac challenge with a round or four in COD2, starting in the mine and finishing off in the classic Carentarn. I think it’s fair to say quick draw Raw dominated the shoot’ems, while Tone equally sucked.

Merry Christmas and a kick arse New Year to all perveyors of this fine blog. Until next year …


4 responses to “101210 Mission Debriefing

  1. There appears to be a problem with the WordPress Android app. Whilst the posts posted within the app appear in the app, they don’t appear online! It’s happened twice now.


  2. was a good night to be sure :), hopefully all ur pc issues will be resolved for next year :), merry xmas everyone.


  3. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
    Hope to make it up for a few more events next year.
    TONE . . . Android is crap. Your dual boot machine is nothing but trouble. Ever heard the saying “keep it simple, stupid”? I’m guessing NOT.
    Still, your gaming nights are second to none even with the SNAFU’s.
    Still have 12 Vintage ales with our name on them in the fridge for NYE. Just have the scotch to get . . . and the chips . . . 😛


  4. It appears to be an operator error Parts, “someone” didn’t uncheck the obscure “save to draft” box in the WordPress app. I discovered it after the last post. (Que the bugle).
    The Android for HD2 is not an official port. Every version I’ve tried has had something different fail for me, but lately only one thing .. camera, SMS, sudden random freezes and the last one no WIFI, so I went back to the random freeze one for now, at least everything works when it works. It is evolving rapidly though. I’m using mccmjoon’s HD2 Android ROMs now available on the HTCpedia.com forums.

    I also discovered it’s the 64 bit version of Win7 which is causing the V8SC3 Starcraft woes. If I used the 32 bit version it would allegedly work.


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