101119 Brief Debrief

Parts braved the plethora of engorged potholes, some large enough to consume a prime mover, and joined Tone for an evening of chat and chips. We did eventually pull out COD2, for a few rounds in the mine. Parts reckoned I wouldn’t remember the 13 to 7 defeat he was dealt in the first round.

I’ve been out with my teaspoon fixing the road again. It might last till next time 😉
Getting into December, I’ll have to confer with the CO.


7 responses to “101119 Brief Debrief

  1. yep i for one would like another game night b4 xmas. Darklord and woodie didn’t make it? hopefully we can get a turn out for the next one.


  2. I will have to sift through the empty stubbies to try find woodie and see if he will be up for the next session, which will be? this friday???…!!!,,,***:)))


    • I’ve been advised by management that this week is unacceptable for gaming as we are committed to a prior function. Maybe the following week …


  3. Saw Rawt and Wood today. Both are keen for this Friday though Wood would prefer the “other” Fridays. As this is the last for the year I guess it’s not going to matter much though.


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