101029 Mission Success!

Yay, we got to play some games – like the big kids we are 🙂
Raw, Nads, CANON, and a belated Parts with chips for everyone participated in the virtual world of mayhem. Raw and I thought we’d sneek in a few laps in GRID, but GRID thought otherwise and wouldn’t let us. Nadz was the only one able to host a CODII session that we could all join, every other PC bombed out with errors. Needless to say, Raw dominated in the field, with Tone a distant second – with roughly half of Raw’s kill tally, leaving Parts and Nadz lanquishing mostly in the cemetary.
We’ve penciled in 3 weeks for the next mission .. 19/11. So if you have some lead in your pencil, jot it down now 😉


7 responses to “101029 Mission Success!

  1. I am hoping to be there. Kids have a twilight Little Aths though. I may be a little late AGAIN.
    Any chips left?


    • I’ve just checked rations, all squared and secure. Hopefully by the time you arrive, I’ll have my PC sorted for some sort of game 😉


  2. I wont be able to make it as I am going to bridport for a romantic weekend ;). I forgot what date I was going.I’m only free this friday night.


  3. Saw COD Black Ops for pc on Chaos for $87. PS3 for $112!! Kmart had ps3 advertised at $89 but no mention of pc version. Saw some youtube of COD Bee Oh (tee hee hee) and it looked pretty cool. There is a remote control car that is a bomb that you drive to your enemies and blow them up and also a crossb0w with explosive bolts . . . KABOOM HA HA HA. Save your money boys, then we can all turn up to Tones with a severe case of B.O. !!!! 🙂


  4. We’ll be thinking of you Raw .. um, actually .. I watched a vid in HN player tips in Black Ops, looks GOOD 🙂 JB & BigW had them cheaper I think Parts, $78 I think. Lucky we don’t have smello’vision with all that B O! Good to hear from you Dark, 19th is looking good.


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