101119 Brief Debrief

Parts braved the plethora of engorged potholes, some large enough to consume a prime mover, and joined Tone for an evening of chat and chips. We did eventually pull out COD2, for a few rounds in the mine. Parts reckoned I wouldn’t remember the 13 to 7 defeat he was dealt in the first round.

I’ve been out with my teaspoon fixing the road again. It might last till next time 😉
Getting into December, I’ll have to confer with the CO.

101029 Mission Success!

Yay, we got to play some games – like the big kids we are 🙂
Raw, Nads, CANON, and a belated Parts with chips for everyone participated in the virtual world of mayhem. Raw and I thought we’d sneek in a few laps in GRID, but GRID thought otherwise and wouldn’t let us. Nadz was the only one able to host a CODII session that we could all join, every other PC bombed out with errors. Needless to say, Raw dominated in the field, with Tone a distant second – with roughly half of Raw’s kill tally, leaving Parts and Nadz lanquishing mostly in the cemetary.
We’ve penciled in 3 weeks for the next mission .. 19/11. So if you have some lead in your pencil, jot it down now 😉