Mission status 29/10?

Call to arms, rally the troops, it’s on THIS FRIDAY!! Hopefully?
Parts is in charge of rations and should be attending. Put your order in NOW for your chosen flavour of crisps.
Check back closer to Friday for further updates.


4 responses to “Mission status 29/10?

  1. I will be late. School function on at Uni until 2030 so if you want to RTS until 2100 then hit the shooters, that suits me.
    Chips will be forthcoming for the whingers . . .


  2. Thanks for the heads-up Parts, looking forward to your part..icipation with ant…icipation 🙂 Oh, and the chips, I expect I whinge enough ;P


  3. Ah, another fellow whinger 🙂 Nadz will be hanging out with us too so it’s looking like a decent turnout for tonight’s gaming extravaganza!


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