Is it on … again?

“raw-t says:
October 12, 2010 at 12:28 pm

i can be there this friday night if it is on?”

Tone says:
I was going to wait another week, but if agents are keen, then agents are KEEN!!
And who am I to deny such keeness?

Let the games begin … if we’re all keen?
V8SC is go, I’m go after 3 unusually early evenings, Raw is go, so who else is good for GO??

– In case you didn’t notice, I’ve now added a For Sale page – for specials you find and would like to share, and a Whinge page – somewhere to let it all out!


6 responses to “Is it on … again?

  1. Parts would be go for this Friday but has family comittments. So it’s go go go, no no no, doh doh doh for Parts. Hopefully I’ll be up for the one after that. (with chips). And NO I’m not stalling, there will be chips . . . promise . . . one day . . . before Christmas . . . weather permitting . . .


  2. I will try to remember to txt woodie then,see if he will go.I will let u know,And try not to be slow, I know, how slow, a wait can go.


  3. Any heads-up yet? My phone indicates an expected min. temp. of -6 degrees today! Snow is forcast to 400m, the EDGE is @ 300.
    I’m not sure if Parts is prepared (or is that “allowed”?) to come up with his chips next week or next fortnight. Next mission will depend on whether tonight goes ahead .. stand by for further updates.


  4. Seems our fate has been decided by the inclement weather. What should have been a balmy spring evening sitting ’round a campfire roasting squirrel and suckling pig is now 3 foot deep in snow. Ahhh Hobart. Still, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. See you next week perhaps, if I can get the old snow plough started before then, so Parts can get his semi-trailer full of chips up here 😉


    • After discussions with Woodie, it was determined to abandon the 22/10 mission until next week, in hope of more numbers!


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