Are we on for Friday?

We could be  if YOU’RE up for it!
Bathurst weekend, what better way to celebrate than a 4 hour marathon V8SC3 Bathurst race!! Well, we could, but it’s likely everyone will have to re-install V8SC3 without the patch, unless you want me to just watch.

Last night I uninstalled the game from Win7, then tried patching the clean install (it appeared to work!) before copying the crack that is required to circumvent Starforce protection on Win7 – yeah, thanks Codemasters! – but it still  errorred on the first reboot and came up as an older version than that on Eddie when I tried to join a game. There’s one more chance .. by uninstalling from Win7 and XP, then reinstalling on the dual boot XP drive. I’ll try tonight again … hopefully.

Anyway, enough of my troubles, what troubles you?  Come and ease your fourtnightly frustrations in a shoot’em or perhaps a RPG if I can’t get this Codies puzzle worked out – as much as I’d STILL love a friendly race. And who won last week anyway? It certainly wasn’t me.

I’ve been given an all access weekend pass to watch Bathurst in it’s entirity this weekend, so I count that as a BIG win 😉

Gentlemen, start your engines …


5 responses to “Are we on for Friday?

  1. well sadly i wont be able to make this friday, i am off to melbourne.Hopefully we can do it the following friday unless u get a turn out this fri then it’s ok.


    • Enjoy your trip to the big island Raw.
      Well, we can’t play without Raw .. can we? I doubt Parts will be up to share his chips again so soon either, so with numbers low … mission abort? Is next week preferable for everyone or are you still up for a small one?


  2. Gaming night abandoned due to agents prior commitments. After another 4 hours of faffing about fixing one problem after another, I finally have V8SC3 running the correct version under XP. So what failed? DVD drive wouldnt show under XP,then xp drive not show to boot from but could be seen in Win7, then XP would blue screen on launch, then V8 wrong version, after uninstall, reinstall, update & crack, STILL wrong version, went back to original exe and it finally plays with Eddie, BUT .. intermittent crashes caused by dll file, replaced files and now seems to be OK. I think my next gaming rig will be an Xbox!!


  3. Tone, you’re getting too fancy. Build another machine for Heavens’ Sake and leave the dual-boot bull crap alone. We had some MACs (i know, i know) that were supposedly dual operating systems but they never worked properly at all. When we get our money back from that low-life c*nt (and we will as I’m going to draft a letter to the Minister for Justice of NSW to see what they can do if I don’t get any satisfaction from the plod dept of NSW, otherwise, it’s off to Sydney for you and me) you can have an xp machine AND a win7 machine. Besides, I need to get a g25 or g27 as my momo pedals are still stuffed. I may be able to appear next FRiday WITH CHIPS FOR EVERYONE who has besmirched my good character in the last week or so. Ahh well, back to the washing for me . . . Enjoy Bathurst . . . so THAT’S why you’re not doing the market this weekend . . .
    Have a good trip RAW.


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