Is it on … again?

“raw-t says:
October 12, 2010 at 12:28 pm

i can be there this friday night if it is on?”

Tone says:
I was going to wait another week, but if agents are keen, then agents are KEEN!!
And who am I to deny such keeness?

Let the games begin … if we’re all keen?
V8SC is go, I’m go after 3 unusually early evenings, Raw is go, so who else is good for GO??

– In case you didn’t notice, I’ve now added a For Sale page – for specials you find and would like to share, and a Whinge page – somewhere to let it all out!

Are we on for Friday?

We could be  if YOU’RE up for it!
Bathurst weekend, what better way to celebrate than a 4 hour marathon V8SC3 Bathurst race!! Well, we could, but it’s likely everyone will have to re-install V8SC3 without the patch, unless you want me to just watch.

Last night I uninstalled the game from Win7, then tried patching the clean install (it appeared to work!) before copying the crack that is required to circumvent Starforce protection on Win7 – yeah, thanks Codemasters! – but it still  errorred on the first reboot and came up as an older version than that on Eddie when I tried to join a game. There’s one more chance .. by uninstalling from Win7 and XP, then reinstalling on the dual boot XP drive. I’ll try tonight again … hopefully.

Anyway, enough of my troubles, what troubles you?  Come and ease your fourtnightly frustrations in a shoot’em or perhaps a RPG if I can’t get this Codies puzzle worked out – as much as I’d STILL love a friendly race. And who won last week anyway? It certainly wasn’t me.

I’ve been given an all access weekend pass to watch Bathurst in it’s entirity this weekend, so I count that as a BIG win 😉

Gentlemen, start your engines …