100924 Mission Debriefing

There was a mission was there?
Some friends came up and had a few races in V8SC3, I was head down, trouble shooting issue after issue. Ahh, Windows 7, compatibility and anti piracy rubbish. Eventually I got to shoot someone in n SOFII, as I was made to look like a colander.
Thanks for coming up guys, a good night was still had with the pleasure of your company.

The EDGE Elite Dispatch has now been moved to WordPress.

LiveSpaces has merged so this change had to happen eventually, but the upside is many more features; including customization, polls and video posting.ย You also have the ability to subscribe and receive updates via email so as not to miss any of my RIVETING posts ๐Ÿ˜‰
Your feedback as always, welcome.

11 responses to “100924 Mission Debriefing

  1. i was there and it was boring coz nothing on tony’s machine worked and i ate a whole packet of chips on my own and felt really really fat


    • What!!!? Any bloody favoritism not directed at the host has resulted in Parts being BLACK LISTED from the Enclave for an entire fortnight! Beginning from last week.


  2. Ahhh, in my defence, I did offer my chips around at the first break but no-one wanted any. RawT and Wood refused my first offer and Tone was no-where to be seen because he was busy working on his “new-fangled” windows7 which seems to be as compatible with everyone elses’ gear as a mac is as compatible with water!
    Next gaming night I’m allowed to attend I’ll bring a packet of chips for everyone. Please let me know if you want Salt&Vinegar, Plain, BBQ etc.


  3. actually this is true, i was offered some chips earlier in the night.But I considered it to be a ploy at buttering me up so I would go easy on parts in the shootems ;).


    • Well, having heard that, I now have an even bigger chip on my shoulder! Perhaps the kind yet belated offer of a bag of chips may go some way toward redeeming the situation. Plain salted thanks. And a can of coke to wash them down with may help somewhat too … Lol.


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