100924 Mission Debriefing

There was a mission was there?
Some friends came up and had a few races in V8SC3, I was head down, trouble shooting issue after issue. Ahh, Windows 7, compatibility and anti piracy rubbish. Eventually I got to shoot someone in n SOFII, as I was made to look like a colander.
Thanks for coming up guys, a good night was still had with the pleasure of your company.

The EDGE Elite Dispatch has now been moved to WordPress.

LiveSpaces has merged so this change had to happen eventually, but the upside is many more features; including customization, polls and video posting. You also have the ability to subscribe and receive updates via email so as not to miss any of my RIVETING posts 😉
Your feedback as always, welcome.

100924 Mission

Lets GO! Ready yourselves for launch THIS FRIDAY .. (24/9)
Parts will be in attendance, so a bit of early "friendly" racing could be the go, followed by some shootem action.

Last mission .. almost a fortnight ago now .. saw Raw, Wood, & Tone slog it out in Empire Earth for global supremacy.
Once again, Tone out built, but could not out wit his worthy opponents. Raw was the undisputed resource gathering king and Woodie put up a brave fight, keeping Raw at bay. Ultimately, time ran out before Tone could rebuild, regroup, restrategize and win the game.

6 of the recently acquired HP PC’s are now fully operational.
I loaded BF2 onto 2 machines to check it’s performance.
On the absolute lowest settings it’s still laggy and looks pretty ordinary.
Seems something better than a Radeon 128mb 9200SE is required.
Min specs for BF2 are the ATI 8000 series, but the SE is the most crippled 9000 version, although there is also a 64mb one.
Haven’t tried COD2 yet. Min specs are less than BF2, but I’m expecting it’s likely unplayable too, restricting them to SOFII for now, which runs very acceptably.