100827 Mission Status

It’s on if you want it ON!
Woodies PC is repaired, 2x HP PC’s now ready with SOF2

Well, there’s really no need to edit this, IT’S ON AGAIN .. 10/9.

Usual suspects last mission, Raw, Wood, Dark, Nads & shot each other LOTS on the Battlefield of 2.

Since last mission, I’ve acquired another 16, yes, 16 more PC’s (on top of the 9 previous!!) and 4 more 23" flatscreen CRT’s.
PC’s built from these have min 500mb RAM, 128mb graphics and 2.6Mhz CPU, suitable for BF2!
IF you have dontated or left equipment at the EDGE in the past and you want it back, TAKE IT .. or it may end up as landfill.

I’ve altered the blog permissions AGAIN, so maybe parts can read it now. perhaps.



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