100703 Mission Defiefing

Wood, Dark, Raw and his honoured guest from England’s MI6, secret agent Matt … I can’t reveal his last name or he’d have to kill you, and then me and every one I know just in case … Joined Tone for yet another evening of virtual mayhem, where maiming and killing on the fields of Battlefield 2 was the order of the day. Matt used his stealthy secret agent skills to great effect, rarely being discovered on the battlefield by the enemy resulting in the lowest casualty count, unlike Tone who approached the opposition many times with reckless abandon, often resulting in his untimely death, but managed to snipe Darklord from the crane a few times. Wood was happy about something I was supposed to remember, hopefully he’ll remind us 🙂 All in all, a good night, thanks fella’s.

Next evening scheduled: FrIDay the I3th August.
MISSION UPDATE: Must be bad luck …
(13th.) Why?
1. Trialling a human bourne virus for Homeland Security – highly contageous, self imposed quarrantine reccommended.
2. Woods PC (good old Eddie) has BSOD, likely requiring a complete rebuild.
3. Cumulative late nights completing obligatory taxation requirements have taken a toll on alertness.

IF you want some old bits, 15 & 17” monitors etc, come get them – out the door they must go.
New Xeon builds underway.

UPDATE: Shop PC 1x CPU completed and installed. Runs beautifully.
1x 1xCPU build  XP OS installed, drivers to do. Faster AGP graphics card required, currently 64mb Nvidia Quadro dual monitor cards.
2xCPU boxes aren’t recognising boot OS on CD. 2xCPU OS version required?


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