23" CRT monitors installed in Raw & Woodies spot.
An energy audit is currently being undertaken at the EDGE with some interesting results. My main PC alone costs 6c per hour at idle. My PC + all periferals (monitor, radio, wheel, usb hub, speakers etc.) costs 8c /hr @ idle. It costs an extra 2c /hr to play a game compared to less graphic intense tasks like net surfing. If the PC is left plugged in to power, but off, it still uses about $2 a quater, unless the powerpoint or powersupply is turned off. I tested a second one with similar results. The old 21" IBM CRT uses almost twice as much power as the 32" LCD. It costs abour $8 a quarter to leave the modem/router and hubs permanently on for the LAN. The worst power waster in the house came as a surprise, an ageing Sony stereo in the upstairs lounge. On standby, it consumes a staggering $50 of power per quarter, using only 2W less than when it’s on, for NOTHING! The ceramic fan heater downstairs consumes 25c per hour. A small column oil heater only consumes 4c per hour. If you’re a Hobart resident, you can borrow an energy auditing kit from the Council free for two weeks. The Australian Government also currently has a Greenstart program which includes a free energy assessment valued at $250: http://www.climatechange.gov.au/government/programs-and-rebates/greenstart.aspx or in Tasmania contact energyassess.

Sony EX500 Motionsense screenlag and gaming: After being able to only get 60hz out of my monitor hooked up to the PC
and getting caned by Part’s son in so many close calls when I thought I
should have nailed him, I conducted some research, thinking surely my ageing reflexes aren’t that bad …

dicking around, updating Nvidia drivers in XP and Win7 and trying both
DVI to HDMI and DVI to AVG pc input with varying results from both but
still only a max of 60hz,  I discovered an undocumented "game mode" on
the TV hidden in the "scene" selection menu on the remote! No mention of
this in the user manual. This apparently turns off Motionsense and
CinemaMode, allegedly reducing lag to … 0, apparently making it the least laggy
LCD TV you can buy. It also seems to make the picture sharper and the
colours more vibrant than the default setting I was using. There’s also a
"graphics" mode, which makes the text edges much smother and easier to read browsing, designing etc. It darkens the whites
slightly too, making it easier on the eyes.
In "general", where
I was running it playing the boy, there’s perceptible lag in the mouse movement across
the screen, enough to slow you down, leaving a stuttered pointer trail.

Turns out Sony’s 100hz tv isnt really 100 hz, but it is, but it isn’t – and some site’s say its 120hz – apparently due to the power cycle difference in America.
inserts an image between the 60hz images to make the picture smooth,
which works great in movies and such, but causes major LAG in games,
because it waits for two frames, before deciding what to put in the
inserted  frame in between! Apparently the lag is as much as 20-30ms!
Even the 200hz models do it to and would likely be worse as they insert 3 frames in between.
I think the Samsung uses different technology, but essenitally its the same and causes lag too with the feature on.

‘game’ and ‘graphics’ mode, very much smoother, less pointer trailing
and seemingly instant and more precise. Glad I discovered that before
facing the WRATH of Darklord. Probably won’t mean I won’t get killed any less though 😉


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  1. Darklord’s next upgrade?"This isn’t about value. This isn’t about the "sensible" choice. This is about demanding the absolute best that money can buy and not settling for less. It’s uncompromising. It’s better engineered than you’ll ever need, faster than you could ever use and eye-wateringly pricey.But it’s also a work of art. If you absolutely must have the ultimate, this is it. It’s what dreams are made of."http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/gpu_displays/asus_ares_review/1


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