Last week was last week, why dwell on the past I say, BF2 was the game, Raw, Woodie and Darklord had a great time killing each other using the variety of weapons at their disposal.

Last Sunday, just for fun, I spent the day rewiring my end of the enclave for better power efficiency.
Over the years, some peripherals were added ad-hock, now one switch is left on to run the network & internet.

Acquired for bugger all today what will become 5x dual XEON CPU towers with 3GB RAM, DVD writers and dual monitor AGP cards. No hard drives, but I’ll use the old P3 drives.
Also 2x 23" flatscreen CRT’s thrown in – so who would like one on their station?
Also now staring at a lovely 32" Sony EX500, currently typing while watching the last Le Tour hill climb PIP 🙂 Picked up from NH for less than cost price .. thanks for the purchasing tips Fred 😉  I’ve been saving since January.
There’s sheep just ran across the road!!
Played a bit of Grid and Modern Warfare 2 last night, brilliant. Didn’t improve my driving any though .. lol.

iinet saw fit to increase my data limit for nix this week too, so It’s been a good week 🙂


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