101604 debriefing

Raw, Dark, Wood & Tone woz ‘ere.
Battlefield2 woz tha game.
Dark & Wood initially paired up as the good ‘ol US of A boys,
let’s say Raw and Tone copped a few hits, but we had some comebacks of our own.
Then we mixed it up, Dark and Raw onto Woodie & Tone.

Let the discussion begin …


4 responses to “101604 debriefing

  1. i didn`t read anything about the absolute ass kicking me and woody gave u in that 1st game . the good old US of A dealt out a big old can of whooop ass lol . what was the score ? ah thats right we killed u and raw over 100 times to just 34 deaths our end 🙂


  2. must of been off out that night, strangely I cant remember that result at all?,can u Tone?, i think u were somewhere else that night also.;)


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