100521 Mission Debriefing

Darklord, Woodie, Raw, Parts and Tone enjoyed a pleasant evening on the battlefield.

Battlefield 2
Dark & Wood chose the US team, onto 3 Chinese, some results are posted below: (Kills, then deaths)
Oilfields – T 3 0  P 1 2  R 1 3  defeated  W 2 5  D 0 3 (in 2 minutes, parts had captured the flag!)
Dallas Plant – T 5 4  R 5 4  P 3 4  defeated  W 5 7  D 2 9
Next map? – R 11  T 10  P 5 deaths, victorious.
Then a draw, and then another win for the Communist Republic.

SOF2 deathmatch
Finca Housewarming (Pool) – R 40 T 34 W 11

Gaming will commence again this Friday (4/6) unless otherwise notified.

Communication ends <


2 responses to “100521 Mission Debriefing

  1. EB has a good selection of games on sale at the moment, many half price. I picked up Combat Flight Sim 3 for under $10.HN is advertising a sale too, but is it worth the trip to see the usual minuscule selection of duds usually on offer in town?


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