100521 Mission Debriefing

Darklord, Woodie, Raw, Parts and Tone enjoyed a pleasant evening on the battlefield.

Battlefield 2
Dark & Wood chose the US team, onto 3 Chinese, some results are posted below: (Kills, then deaths)
Oilfields – T 3 0  P 1 2  R 1 3  defeated  W 2 5  D 0 3 (in 2 minutes, parts had captured the flag!)
Dallas Plant – T 5 4  R 5 4  P 3 4  defeated  W 5 7  D 2 9
Next map? – R 11  T 10  P 5 deaths, victorious.
Then a draw, and then another win for the Communist Republic.

SOF2 deathmatch
Finca Housewarming (Pool) – R 40 T 34 W 11

Gaming will commence again this Friday (4/6) unless otherwise notified.

Communication ends <

100521 Mission Status

Mission is GO, Friday 21/05.

Someone mentioned Battlefield2 .. up for discussion, perhaps the following mission?

I suggest perhaps no air if joysticks are short?
Likely Empire Earth with perhaps a shooter first.

100507 Mission Debriefing

Good turnout with Parts, Raw, Wood, Nadz and Tone jumping into the virtual fray at the EDGE.
Kicked off the evening with some chatting, followed by some death match action in SOFII.
Here’s one score sheet:

SOFII Finca Housewarming
Raw 40 41/15   Woodie 23 23/20   Toon 23 23/14   Parts 13 13/31   Nads 4/26
We also played some team infiltration using the rooftop map, with Wood & Raw annihilating PTN.

Around 10.30, we switched to Empire Earth and initiated Parts into the world of RPG.
Whilst, Wood & Raw skirmished with Raw prevailing, Tone built, then built some more and Parts learnt.

We became so engrossed in our little empires, that the evening didn’t end until 3.00am!!!
2.5 hrs sleep later, and I was on a damp road setting up a marquee.



100424 Mission Debrief & STATUS..

This weeks mission (7/5) will proceed
so get your game pants on!

Last week or so in a galaxy far, far away … Nadz, Raw and Tone had a few skirmishes in the classic SOFII Gold, picking up weapons and hurling projectiles with shear abandon.
After the turmoil of fps subdued, Raw and Tone went H2H in another gem, Empire Earth ….


Parts is coming!