100409 Debriefing

Raw, Wood & Tone entered the realm of Empire Earth for a marathon event of epic proportions
which stretched out to 2am with the final outcome not fully realized.
We played on a rather large map with islands of bounty for Raw to exploit.
Knowledge has grown, strategies were changed, a lesson was delt.

TIMELINE: Tone’s superior defence building skills dominate the graph.
Raw starting well and continuing to maintain momentum on the offensive, covering most of the map.
Woodie was under attack from Raw and  started a melee with Tone, leading to his demise.

SUMMARY: Two to Raw, one to Wood.

SOCIETY:  Three for Tone, one for Wood.

ECONOMY: Six for Raw, one for Tone.

MILITARY: Three for Raw, two for Tone.

Misc: Three for Raw, one for Tone.

TOTAL:   Raw 14  –  Tone 7  –  Wood 2

Good game fellas, shame it had to end … or has it?


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