100326 Results

Raw and Tone battled each other in Empire Earth.
Tone bravely held off 3 waves of attack and made an insurgency of his own before finally being overwhelmed and defeated by Raw’s superior strategy and determination. We finished up around 1am.


3 responses to “100326 Results

  1. YES, IT IS ON THIS FRIDAY (9/3) … if you want it to be on.I’ve had some problems with my PC lately impacting on games performance.Empire Earth kept briefly pausing, causing the mouse pointer to dissapear. After looking for rogue programs for hours and thinking my anti-virus was at fault, I turned off hardware acceleration in the video settings which cured it! LOOK OUT NEXT TIME RAW!!I had a similar problem in GRID too, every 5 seconds or so the game would appear to pause monentarily, often ending in disaster. I couldn’t find any hardware accelerator, tried changing settings and disable programs to no avial, so I hit the forums. Whilst not answering my question directly, it gave me an idea. Within the BIOS, I turned off Intel CPU accelerator. Didn’t fix it, but it reminded me I’d messed about with Gigabyte’s dynamic overclocking feature (C.I.A) a few weeks ago. When I turned this off, problem fixed! I still have the i7920 overclocked to a modest 3.0gHz with standard cooler though, which runs at a comfortable 49 degC. without any problems.


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