100312 Mission Debriefing

Raw & Woodie once again joined Tone for some Empire Earth action. And it was good.
This week, for you viewing pleasure, pictures! Well, screenshots of results.

I’ll let Raw extrapolate.

1 timeline

2 summary

3 Military

4 Society

5 Misc


One response to “100312 Mission Debriefing

  1. well I didnt actually win this one so I have nothing to say lol. In my defense, I didnt really want to play large island maps or have water at all.Didnt know the units, had a dummy spit, and promptly gave up.Tone, u certainly should have attacked, gone in the bottom of the island like u did later(too late), u might of WON! :)I should have spiked woodie’s drink with harder forms of sedatives ;).


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